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GutterSickle Package

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Included in the GutterSickle Package is the 16 ft extendable pole, with reinforced cushioned grip, ergonomically designed extendable clips. Reinforced handle with patented locking feature and gravitationally righting design. GutterSickle Trowel, GutterTickle Brush, GutterWhistle Nozzle, Water resistant storage bag and two bungee cords (used to strap garden hose to pole).


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Product Information

Included in the complete GutterSickle system is the 16 foot extendable pole, with reinforced cushioned grip, ergonomically designed extendable clips and a reinforced handle with a patented locking feature and gravitationally righting design. Interchangeable attachments include the GutterSickle Trowel, GutterTickle Brush and GutterWhistle Nozzle. Water resistant storage bag and two bungee cords (used to strap garden hose to pole) are also included.

  • Lightweight 16 foot pole
  • Thin size, deep pocketed GutterSickle
  • 360° reinforced GutterTickle
  • Quick connect, on/off nozzle GutterWhistle
  • Moisture wicking storage bag
  • Designed and Patented in the USA

Great versatile tool that allows you to clean gutters while standing firmly on the ground.

-Joe H.

Are the numbers that high for people being injured?
By most reports over 1 million accidents happen each year while homeowners attempt to clean out gutters with a ladder.

How far does the pole reach?
The extended pole will reach 16 feet and with the average individual being 5 to 6 feet tall, a single-story ranch is our intended user.

How long does it take to clean a 3000 square-foot home?
On the average it takes one minute per linear yard.

How hard is it to use the GutterSickle?
Although it is somewhat difficult, most have stated a 5 out of 10 range of difficulty. We find that most people will break up the job into sections.

Legal Disclaimer
Please Note: This can be a difficult and challenging task with a Labor-Intensive Learning Curve. It will not be easy – yet, you can accomplish this safely from the ground with practice. If you are not handy with a shovel, chainsaw or weed eater, the GutterSickle will most likely be out of your comfort zone. This is for the DIY’er who desires to stay safely on the ground and not have to deal with a ladder. We are not set-up for returns. Please make sure this is a well thought out purchase to clean and maintain your gutters. This is a progression and there is a learning curve of how to use the pole and tools.

Product feature

Rust and corrosion resistant


Three easy steps, truly clean gutters.


Patented locking feature


Clean your gutters safely from the ground.

How to Use GutterSickle Package

Clean Your Gutters with Ease

Whats Included


The GutterSickle Trowel is the first step in cleaning gutters easily, safely and comfortably from the ground using the GutterSickle system. Its patented locking and gravitational righting features keep the GutterSickle steady and upright to effectively clean out tough buildup, leaves and debris.

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The GutterTickle is step two in the GutterSickle system. With a bristle brush, the GutterTickle pushes debris out from under the cross anchors of your gutter. Its patented locking, gravitational righting and concave design ensures that it will work with ease to push through and remove additional buildup and gutter debris.

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The GutterWhistle, the final step, features a state of the art nozzle that blasts away any leftover residue in your gutters. You can trust the spray nozzle to not only clean and rinse away intense gutter buildup, but also provide a wider cleaning angle with multiple pressure settings for a custom kind of clean.

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Customer Reviews

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    " Great versatile tool that allows you to clean gutters while standing firmly on the ground." - Joe H.

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    "The GutterSickle system works great at cleaning my gutters. I live in an area with a lot of trees and the kit does a great job of getting our gutters clean as a whistle (Pardon the pun)" - Hoang D.

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    "I’ve tried the GutterSickle at my home. It’s all the Maker says and more, Much more. Easy. Efficient. Nothing like it, and a bargain at this price. You won’t be sorry. " - Bob A.

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    "Well how cool is this idea! Our gutters absolutely need this. I agree we will see this one day on Shark Tank" - Melissa H.

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    "I would love to share this with all of my clients" - Dean Y. – Home Inspector

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    "Please check out this very cool tool created by a high school friend of mine those that have used it for posting great reviews." - Kimberly B

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    "Very cool so exciting to see the whole system in action. " - Frank “Chip” F.

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    "Simply Ingenious - Congratulations." - Kelly L.H. – Real Estate