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Our Story

Of all the places we’ve enjoyed visiting, we still believe home is where our fondest memories remain. And now with four grandsons, we have all the more reason to keep safety a top priority. Call us crazy, but we’ve always enjoyed working around the house and actually enjoy routine maintenance and upkeep.

But clogged and dirty gutters were a challenge we continuously faced. Because of the expense, we decided, “challenge accepted,” and cleaned our own gutters. I remember stepping onto the roof from a ladder and feeling instant panic. My wife intervened and with great concern, and we decided it wasn’t worth the risk of injury.

Over the next few months, we brainstormed and imagined a product that would provide a safe, easy and effective way of cleaning gutters — from the ground. After a few years of research and development, we are now pleased to offer the patented GutterSickle.


Our gutter-cleaning pole and additional tools are created with the strongest polymer products and materials and are made to last for years to come.


The complete GutterSickle cleaning system costs less than one gutter-cleaning service from a professional.


Don’t put yourself at risk by cleaning your gutters from an unstable ladder. The GutterSickle allows you to clean your gutters safely from the ground.


Three easy steps, truly clean gutters. Remove debris, stubborn buildup and any leftover residue using the tools included in the GutterSickle.


Start with the GutterSickle trowel to move in, move out and break up stubborn debris.


The size and shape of the GutterTickle brush allows it to get in and out of corners, moving remaining pockets of debris from the gutter.


Finish off final bits of gutter debris with the controlled GutterWhistle attachment that easily connects and rinses gutters clean.